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What is SEO?

What exactly is SEO? SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the practice of gaining quality web traffic to your site with natural organic search engine results.

If you type a keyword into a search engine that your company should be ranking for, where do you come up? Odds are, you're not in the number one position and maybe not even on the first page of your preferred search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

Don't get left behind by your Rochester, New York competitors. Start your SEO marketing strategy today!

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Establish an Online Presence

Altered Vision Designs provides highly customized internet marketing solutions to businesses. With our expert SEO services, your brand will quickly establish an online presence. The more visible it becomes to its potential consumers, the more successfully it can compete online! Your website may have a top-notch Website Design, but its message won’t reach the right target audience without SEO. Search Engine Optimization strategies are an important aspect of internet marketing.

How can you reach your audience? Through one – or more – of the major search engines.


Why Hire a Rochester, NY SEO Company?

Many Rochester area local businesses decide to do their own Search Engine Optimization instead of acquiring SEO services. However, we always advise our clients against doing that. That’s because the rules and techniques of the field are always evolving. If someone is unfamiliar with proper SEO tactics, they can easily hurt your SEO efforts or even get blacklisted by Google.

SEO strategy is created by monitoring search engine algorithm updates and then adapting to them in a timely manner. The SEO specialists at Altered Vision Designs have been navigating the industry for a long time. You have enough to worry about running your own company. Let us handle the technicalities of your SEO strategy and watch your business grow!

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Why Organic, Local SEO?

Our SEO Agency only practices white hat SEO techniques, meaning we never bend or break the rules in order to quickly gain search engine rank. We employ Organic SEO to move your website up in the rankings on the search engines. This requires our SEO professionals to study your business, its products/services, and then the company’s website. Then they make changes on- and off-site to the site’s content and linking structure. The result is easy to see because your website shows up higher and higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

With Organic SEO done the right way, you will also successfully achieve more revenue, get more traffic to visit the website, and see more conversions! Thus, SEO will improve both the customer lifetime value and retention rate while simultaneously bringing down the cost of customer acquisition.


Why Choose Altered Vision Designs?

Altered Vision Designs uses SEO’s highly scalable nature to provide you with digital marketing solutions customized to your unique needs. We are an experienced SEO company that targets the right audience, the keywords to rank for, and your company’s objective. Our experts continuously add to their repertoire of knowledge by following trending SEO practices and techniques. Therefore, we always offer the best to all our clients!

Although we're based in Rochester, NY, we love helping local contractors all over the US! Altered Vision Designs excels at developing and implementing Local SEO strategies that assist our clients in meeting their business goals. Choose your Vision Level (SEO package) today and Alter the way your clients see you forever!

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